Classmates of 62 that Married Classmates of 62


Don and Bette Whitten Higgs 06-02-62
Robert and Betty Foreman Larsen 10-25-62
Duke and Fay Nelson Waldrop 07-06-63
Mitchell and Peggy Cooper Rossi (dec) 08-31-63
William and Linda Hanson Blevins 02-08-64
Jerry and Lynn O’Sullivan Kempley 06-05-64
Mike and Sally Botkin Bargainer 12-28-64
Richard and Patsy Whalen Walker 06-05-65
John and Diane Wilks Gillette 09-10-66
Ricky and Betsy Wilson Thompson 01-02-77
John and Mary Kline Fowler

Van and Charlene Chandler Hooper

Max and Sharon Minard Brand

Mitchell and Mary Kovar Rossi 03-05-11
David and Mary Hunt Killough 11-19-11